Computer-controlled engraving systems and manual engraving machines.
Programmable coolant nozzles with manual or steered systems.
Inexpensive, manual lever-operated flat grinding machine with accessories.
Ring-bending device with spring-loaded pressure rollers and replaceable cylinders.
Turned and milled parts from various metals and plastics. Milling machines, lathes etc.
Different devices and products for metal cutting.
Metal seals mainly of fine-grain silver.
In different versions made of steel/stainless steel with mounting plate.
Machine for the hermetic sealing of polystyrol capsules.
Protects your solar plant against storm and hail damage.
Smooth, vibration-free running for a clean grinding profile.

Protect your solar system panels from being damaged by hail, storm and ice. Our new and patented
hail protection for solar systems
offers ideal protection
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BEMA GMBH expands its product range: capsule closing/sealing prevents coins from unpleasant tarnish   ... more >

New to our product line: An original idea from BEMA: Pendulum base Pendulum base
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